To Rose's Café in Healy Alaska. Please kick up your
feet and stay awhile , there's a lot to see here . We
have an online menu for you to use the next time you
want to call in a “to go" order, also check out our
weekly breakfast or dinner specials to plan that
morning or evening out.
Come on in to the Café and try our famous 1 lb.
Grizzly burger. Many ate it and are on our Grizzly wall
. Our current King of the Grizzly wall ate a 6 lb. Grizzly
and the Queen ate a 2 lb. Grizzly. If you're a man and
think you can eat a 7 lb. Grizzly or a woman who can
eat a 3 lb. Grizzly burger, come on in and knock the
King or Queen off their throne.
Rose's Café
Our winter hours are 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM Mon - Sun