"Come on in, sit anywhere and make
yourself comfortable”
Is how you will most likely be greeted
when you walk through the doors of
Rose's Café.
Rose Christmas 2004
The family altogether
Rose is and Bill are now retired and still live in
Healy and will come in once and a while to visit,
they have lived in Healy the since 1985.
David their son and Leslie have now taken over
and are running the show.
David has also lived in Healy Since 1985 and
married his wife Leslie from Florida in 2002.
Rose's Café is located at mile post 249.5 on the Parks
Highway. Healy has close to 1000 residents. Elevation
is 1,294.

Usibelli Coal Mine, Golden Valley Power Plant, a K-12
school, and tourism provide most of industry in the

We have a medical clinic, volunteer fire department,
trooper station, five restaurants, 3 convenience stores,
2 gas stations, and a post office. Healy has many fine
and economical B&B's and hotels.

School, sports-especially ice hockey and basketball,
scouts, church activities, art, dog sledding, hunting,
berry picking, hiking and holding down a job keep most
citizens very busy for the year. It's a great place to raise
a family!

Temperatures can be as low as -60°F in mid-winter,
and as high as +85°F in the summer. Average January
temperatures range from -22°F to -2°F. Average July
temperatures range from +50°F to +72°F. The average
annual precipitation is 11.3 inches.

We are about a 15 minute drive to the Denali National
Park entrance, 2 hours south of Fairbanks, and about 5
hours North of Anchorage.
Rose's Café
Hi, My name is Terry,
I'm a waitress and have been with
Rose's since May 2005. I've lived in
Healy since 1992 with my husband
and 5 children, (now grown) and I'm a
proud Grandma of six. Come in and
visit with us.